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A GDi egy 1989 óta működő vállalat, mely mára elismert, globális versenyképességgel rendelkező közép-európai technológiai vezetővé nőtte ki magát, amely modern, intelligens digitális megoldásokat fejleszt és valósít meg számos iparágban. Sok száz sikeres megvalósítással rendelkezünk, és örömmel mutatunk be ezek közül párat Önöknek.

Improving management and monitoring procedures for state-owned agricultural land at national and municipal level
The experiences of existing users are very positive, work through GIS has greatly accelerated and facilitated...
Digitalization of water supply and sewerage infrastructure planning and management brings substantial benefits
The new integrated system allows us to easily and quickly monitor the current situation and display data...
New geoportal provides innovative and improved tools for National Spatial Data Infrastructure management
Value created through the upgraded geoportal means better collaboration between the key stakeholders...
Business process digitalization streamlines fixed services provisioning and fulfilment for A1
Implementation of GDi Ensemble W4 Scheduler has helped us digitalize a set of rules that was previously...
Solution for RATEL supports latest IT market, broadband access development, and digital transformation in Serbia
The system now makes data about electronic communication infrastructure transparent to all stakeholders...
Croatian Post increased efficiency, vehicle utilization, and reduced overall fuel and maintenance costs
GDi Ensemble Fleet and the ArcGIS platform have helped us streamline our postal service delivery and...
Utilities cadastre transformed by implementation of latest digital technologies and modern businesses processes
We are now helping to maintain and upgrade the system in accordance with user requirements, legislative...
3D digital model now a vital tool for decision makers in the city of Zagreb
Success story VIEW FULL STORY We needed a workflow-driven geographic information system that integrates...